“It was a brilliant production last year at the TPi Awards,
and I thought this year the event and presentation was at another level.”

Paul Robson, Medialease

“It’s important to come together in celebration and recognition of the amazing work done by our industry colleagues in the touring community. And it’s a privilege to supply the system that ensures this prestigious event gets the world-class sound it deserves.”

Gareth Collyer, Nexo

“TPi is a rock solid value in our industry, the magazine, its journalistic ethics and quality of the articles is best in class for sure. The TPi Awards are an opportunity for us to connect with the UK and international markets. A place where we can celebrate our success’ and for us to be in the spotlight for once which I feel is important for us show folks for whom the job is to make others shine.”

Kristien Van Segbroeck, Wi Creations

“Dakota are delighted to be sponsors of the TPi awards, it is important for us to recognise the best of the best in support of this industry we all love, it’s also a great opportunity to network, host a table of valued clients and celebrate The Global Touring community”

Claire Gamble, Dakota Hotels